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This website is no more updated

The new website is   www.viennot.org

which include the «video-book» 

«The Art of Bijective Combinatorics»

last update:  14 December 2017

Nouveautés / New:

The X.V. bijective combinatorial course

at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences  (IMSc), Chennai, India

part I,   January-March 2016,   Course (24h) 

An introduction to enumerative, algebraic and bijective combinatorics

        see  the website of the course    here     (17 videos and 2000 slides)

part II,   January-March 2017,   Course (24h)

Commutations and heaps of pieces

with interactions in physics, mathematics and computer science

         see  the website of the course  here   (18 videos and 1800 slides)

part III,  January-March 2018,       Course (24h)  

                    The cellular ansatz:  bijeective combinatorics and quadratic algebra

          see  the website of the course  here

          the website of this course is going to be transfered on my new website:


79th SLC,

Maule posets: tilings, Young and Tamari lattices under the same roof,

  Bertinoro, Italy, 11 September 2017

       slides   part I (pdf, 25 Mo) Tilings, Young and Tamari lattices as maules

      slildes   part II (pdf 26 Mo)  Tamari(v) as a maule + comments and references added after the talk

photo:  Nicolas Viennot

NY, November 2014